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Please note: Until October 2014 I am cycling across the USA, and have limited ability to dispatch photos. Please email me at, telling me which photo(s) you are interested in buying, in what format (e.g. poster print, canvas) and size, and which country you are in. I will then respond with an estimated delivery time.

Browse below to select photos for purchase. The images are in alphabetical, not geographical order.

Click ‘add to cart’ and you can choose to buy images as photo, poster or canvas prints. Photo prints are the cheapest option because their printing is economical – if you like an image but do not want to pay for poster printing, they are an excellent choice. Choosing Poster Printing gives you a high quality art-poster image will look great in a frame. Want something you can hang straight away? Choose a canvas print, or contact me for other options.

There are many other possible print options. If you want a different size of any image, drop me an email letting me know what you’d like, and I’ll give you a price. Similarly, if you fancy any image on acrylic, aluminium, mounted on card or foam board, or even arrive ready-framed, drop me a line.

Delivery within the UK costs £5 per order, which is sent first class Royal Mail. I can ship worldwide, but I prefer to find a printer in your country to minimise air travel (ironic, really). Drop me a line if you are not in the UK.

I aim to have your order despatched within 72 hours. However, because I sometimes have limited internet access during some of my travels, this may not always be possible. If this is the case, all will be made clear before you pay. If your delivery is urgent, send me an email along with your order telling me so, and I’ll do my best to get it despatched immediately.

Payment is via PayPal. If this is not convenient for you, drop me a line.

I also have two photo books published by Blurb. To look at these, click here.

4 men threshing bikes.jpg4 men threshing.jpgAbyaneh breakfast.jpgAbyaneh motorbike sepia.jpgAlleppey backwater trees.jpgAlleppey backwaters boat.jpgAma Dablam view from Nangar Tshang.jpgAyatollah Khomeini Yazd.jpgBamboo purple.jpgBike in field.jpgBus window sepia.jpgCar window beggar.jpgCarrying grain.jpgChandoori Girls at door.jpgChild on steps.jpgChillis.jpgCloudy mountain.jpgColourful sarees to market.jpgCooking pot hands.jpgCrouching man square.jpgCrouching man.jpgEarly morning at Lukla.jpgEarly morning from Nangar Tshang.jpgEsfahan bridge at night.jpgEsfahan mosque wall.jpgEsfahan tablecloth printing.jpgGirl on Bus.jpgGirls in market.jpgGoa bicycle.jpgGoa market.jpgGoa sunset.jpgGokyo, Sagarmatha National Park.jpgGolden Temple praying.jpgGolden Temple sarees.jpgHampi boy.jpgHampi woman.jpgHerb picking.jpgHussy stones.jpgKathmandu prayer flags.jpgKhardung La souvenier.jpgKids bike.jpgKodikanal mist.jpgKodikanal trees.jpgKushalnagar flag man.jpgLadakh Festival trumpet.jpgLadakh monk doorway.jpgLadakh mountain cropped.jpgLighting kiln.jpgMadurai candles.jpgMadurai praying blur.jpgMadurai temple.jpgMan in doorway.jpgMan in tree.jpgMan threshing 2.jpgMan threshing.jpgMarket fish.jpgMr Reza praying Esfahan.jpgMr Reza praying kneeling Esfahan.jpgMumbai beggar.jpgMumbai skyline.jpgMumbai sunset.jpgMunnar sarees.jpgMunnar tea and trees.jpgMunnar tea picker.jpgMunnar temple dance.jpgMunnar temple woman.jpgNageen Lake dark.jpgNageen Lake pink evening.jpgNageen Lake sun close.jpgNageen Lake sunset panoramic crop.jpgNageen lake sunset wide dark.jpgNageen Lake sunset wide lighter.jpgNangar Tshang peak.jpgNangedada Tarigaun village 1.jpgNangedada Tarigaun village 10.jpgNangedada Tarigaun village 11.jpgNangedada Tarigaun village 12.jpgNangedada Tarigaun village 13.jpgNangedada Tarigaun village 14.jpgNangedada Tarigaun village 2.jpgNangedada Tarigaun village 3.jpgNangedada Tarigaun village 4.jpgNangedada Tarigaun village 5.jpgNangedada Tarigaun village 6.jpgNangedada Tarigaun village 7.jpgNangedada Tarigaun village 8.jpgNangedada Tarigaun village 9.jpgNasir-Ol-Molk Mosque ceiling Shiraz.jpgNubra camel saddles.jpgNubra Nik.jpgOoty lunch girl.jpgPot beating.jpgPots crossing river.jpgPots to market.jpgPottery figures.jpgPottery man.jpgPottery mum and child.jpgPottery shed sunrise.jpgPottery wheel boy.jpgPottery wheel.jpgQuran bus journey.jpgRake boys.jpgRake.jpgRed saree crouch.jpgRed saree sweeping.jpgRed saree.jpgSecmol Indus River.jpgSecmol mirror reflection.jpgSecmol mountains.jpgSecmol Stobdul.jpgSecmol tap washing.jpgSecmol walking home BW.jpgSnowy prayer flags.jpgSoldier bullets.jpgSoldier feet.jpgSrinagar houseboat.jpgSunny prayer flags.jpgSwayambhunath Temple.jpgTehran market boy.jpgTehran market man.jpgToudeshk sand dune motorcycle cropped.jpgToudeshk sand dune.jpgToudeshk sand dunes.jpgToudeshk weaving BW.jpgYazd car.jpgYazd mosque.jpg