Cinderella, Arc Theatre Company, Broadway Barking 2012

Cinders CarriagePrince and Dandini.jpgButtons and mice.jpgCinders lift.jpgFairy Godmother wand.jpgUgly SistersjpgButtons and kids.jpgCinders.jpgFlashback.jpgCinders carrage 1.jpgUgly sisters nets.jpgEvil stepmother.jpgFairy Godmother forest.jpgCinders and Prince.jpgFairy Godmother wide.jpgPrince.jpgUgly Sister.jpg

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For Arc Theatre Company

Written by Oliver Clifford

Directed by Carole Pluckrose

Designed by Ian Teague

Performed at Broadway Theatre, Barking, December 2012

Photos by Theresa Snooks for Arc and The Broadway Barking, copywright.