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0 Frank and Ferdinand 1, Islington Commu

Frank and Fendiand

Drama Studio London

by Samuel Adamson

Directed by Ned Glasier

Set and Costume by Charlie D’Amigos

Photos by Ned Glasier and Kinda Szondy

Performed at Soho Theatre for NT Connections and at the Electric Space, Islington – a complete build in a warehouse, 2011.

I was the lighting designer and technical manager for Islington Community Theatre’s Frank and Ferdinand, which involved a cast of more than 60 young people. We previewed in Soho Theatre as part of NT Connections, having had one run and a 3 hour tech session. A few weeks later, we took over a disused warehouse in Islington, and turned it into a theatre. The challenges here were considerable – a very low ceiling height, an in-the-round audience, very limited rigging resulting in very shallow angles for light, and having just a few evenings to tech after the cast finished school! The production is something I am genuinely proud of, especially the fantastically hard working cast, and turning a shell of a space into a theatre.

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