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0 TFTTEEH 1, Lyric Hammersmith, Photo Cr

The First Thing That Ever Ever Happened

By John Nicholson

For Lyric Young Company at the Lyric Hammersmith

Written, directed and designed by John Nicholson

Video design by Ian Galloway

Photos by Simon Kane

‘The First Thing That Ever Ever Happened’ was devised by John Nicholson of Peepolykus with the Lyric Young Company for the Lyric Hammersmith. A professional creative team were under, as always, tight time and budget constraints. Locations varied widely, and included a skate park, a beauty salon, a rocket launch, the inside of an atom, and not forgetting the moment that the cast meet God. Whilst very little set was used, video projection was. Whilst leaving the theatre after one performance, I heard an audience member say ‘you don’t normally think of the lights and the sound, but I think someone should say well done to them’!

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